Some of our ministry partners say...

Aunty Becky, Baptist Church Administrator

For close to a decade, ChurchMinder has helped us to easily manage all affairs of our growing Church.

Bro Alfred, Presbyterian Church Administrator

This has been an excellent sytem for running all aspects of our Church, from core Ministry to Administration for a dozen years now.

Aunty Joyce, Presbyterian Church Administrator

I don't do anything without ChurchMinder ooo. It is one easy-to-use system for managing all our operations.


The one reliable system for everything church

ChurchMinder Packages

For local churches, there are the Small Church and Comprehensive packages of ChurchMinder. For National and International operations, we provide Platinum and Gold packages.

Serving in every terrain

The ChurchMinder church management software system is built such that it runs well in the most austere terrain and performs just as brilliantly in the plush settings of privileged churches. There is a ChurchMinder for every setting.

Featured Features

Some of what ChurchMinder Offers are...

Seamless Attendance Tracking

So you can know who could attend, and who could not attend. So you can use our tools of follow-up to keep the sheep in the fold.

End-to-End Record Keeping

There is a tool in ChurchMinder for everything Church, literally.

Solid Visitor Management

ChurchMinder enables you to easily welcome, document and track Visitors, all through their New Members orientation.